Tissue Organizer Mgmt.


  • Designed to track and manage all specimens and samples in incubators, and their movements between shelves and incubators anywhere globally.
  • Tracks incubator cleaning and alerting
  • Optimized and scalable for Tissue and Blood Banking
  • Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) industries
  • Easy bar-coding and label printing for all incubators, incubator shelves, boxes and specimens/samples
  • Labels are resistant to temperature and humidity and printer is mobile

Complete User and Specimen Audit Trail

  • Designed to work with third party incubator continuous temperature, humidity and water level monitoring and alerting systems
  • Easy to setup multiple user groups with different levels of permissions/access to incubators and specimens
  • FDA cGLP/cGMP compliant
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • FDA compliant Reports with Paperless option
  • Generate Reports as needed for accurate real time reporting of status of specimen collections
  • Tracks the Status of each Incubator specimen/sample, including Check Out, Retirement Date and User
  • Can add additional data fields (user customizable)

Centralized knowledge management and tracking of all Incubator associated info:

  • Current specimen/sample location
  • Complete specimen history
    • Temperature
    • Location and Movement
    • Users
    • Change Control and Adverse Events
  • Reports % incubator space availability and location of space in real time (Alerts sent   when time to clean out incubator or need to order an additional incubator or shelves)

Rapid data entry using:

  • Barcode scanner
  • Copy New button permits cloning of similar information when working with similar types of specimens/samples
  • Icons for routine tasks such as Checking In/Out specimens, empty space info, sample history, etc.