Organ Donor and Transplant Mgmt.

Organ Donor Management Software system tracks patient information and related activities throughout the various stages of transplantation. It is provided as a web-based or client-server application.  It improves patient care and enhances the efficiency of the transplant centers with its numerous methods of communication such as calling patients to remind them of their future appointments, automatically faxing or emailing lab results and producing reports physicians, faxing prescriptions to pharmacists.


  • Patient scheduling, history, progress notes, treatment plan, office visits, medications, tasks, prescriptions, demography, etc.
  • Recipient/donor linking, wait list, patient status, HLA, MELD.
  • Electronically captures multiple lab results.
  • Supports United Network for Organ Sharing.

Organ Donor Management Software does the following:

  • Recipient intake/evaluation
  • Recipient and donor data
  • Donor-recipient matching
  • Medications and prescriptions
  • Messaging and progress reports
  • DSA and AMR
  • CPRA Calculator
  • Lab results
  • Patient waiting list
  • Nutritionist assessment
  • Social worker survey
  • Medical history questionnaire
  • Diagnostics and consult studies
  • Transplant surgical procedures
  • Adverse events plus rejection incidents
  • Tracks overdue tasks
  • Review of systems
  • Examination findings
  • Protocols