Hospital Efficiency Management

Hospital Efficiency Management is a comprehensive Document management solution for versioning Documents and controlling Audits, Corrective Actions and Training Records.

  • Complies with electronic signature and other key regulatory requirements.
  • Secure access to all documents including hospital SOP’s, Change Controls, Investigation Reports, Hospital Certification Documents and more.
  • Manage all documents associated with internal and external certification audits.
  • Create and manage personnel training and re-training, use pre-registered tests deployed across the company.
  • Powerful C.A.P.A. (Corrective And Preventive Action) functionality.
  • Configurable reporting & query tools for data retrieval and knowledge management.
  • Built in Metric reporting tools


  • Secure documents from unauthorized changes.
  • Track and manage document version numbers.
  • Encourage communication & collaboration across the hospital.
  • Improve hospital efficiency.
  • Reduce training costs.