Hospital Dispensing and Inventory Management

Hospital Dispensing and Inventory Management system is a 21 CFR part 11 compliant, comprehensive dispensing and inventory management system.

  • It allows management of the ordering, receivables, inventory locations, transfers and serialized items tracking.
  • Each medical item in the registry has a corresponding inventory details that can show all orders, dispensing, quantities on hand, quantities reserved, quantities at each physical location and the latest costs and values.
  • With Novatek’s HDIM, you get a powerful yet affordable “mini-ERP” solution right-out-of-the-box!
  • Forecasting of Material Needed
  • List of projects /batches /formulations /kits by material /chemical or by other criteria Material or Batch Status
  • Materials by supplier or location
  • List of items on order or on backorder
  • List of items received, on hold, shipped, etc.
  • User friendly solution


  • Complete control of dispensing & inventory.
  • Complete information about the value of the inventory.
  • Complete visibility on quantities on hand, quantities committed and quantities dispensed.
  • Response time to demand changes are reduced.
  • Permits frequent analysis of orders, dispensing and inventory records.
  • Reduction and adjustment of excess medical stocks.