Hygiene and Environmental Monitoring

Hygiene and Environmental Monitoring is capable of capturing, managing, and reporting all Environmental data for Sterile and non-sterile health care with a requirement Request Informationfor environmental monitoring based on the latest guidelines from FDA, EU, ISO 14644-1 and PDA Technical report 13.

Hygiene and Environmental Monitoring complies with 21 CFR Part 11 and other key regulatory requirements.


  • Monitor locations and personnel for viable and non-viable contamination.
  • Identify and track Micro-organisms.
  • Built-in statistics for rooms, personnel and equipment.
  • Location and personnel mapping functionality available.
  • Perform investigations for incidents such as OOS (Out Of Specification) conditions.
  • Manage media and inventory for cost effective operations.
  • Configurable reporting & query tools for data retrieval and knowledge management.


  • Fast implementation and validation, ease of upgrade and support.
  • Accelerated product turnaround.
  • Prevent costly shutdowns.
  • Reduced costs associated with Media & Inventory management.
  • Improved operational efficiency.