Clinical Assay Management System


  • Novatek MDS Clinical Monitoring Management facilitates the testing of incoming patient samples and other biological samples, and is specifically tailored to the requirements of healthcare operating in a certified hospital environment.
  • Complies with electronic signatures and other key regulatory requirements meeting hospital certification¬† guidelines.
  • Provides Batch/Lot management and workflow to monitor pending, released, & rejected samples.
  • Patient sample management and trending.
  • User friendly interface for entering, verifying and approving result data, and the printing of patient sample Analysis.
  • Multiple sample specifications can be managed with automated Investigation of OOS/OOT(Out Of Specification/Out Of Trend) results.
  • Built in Statistical analysis with linear regression, user defined confidence limits, and Statistical Process Control to manage the patient sample results.
  • Configurable reporting & query tools for result data retrieval and knowledge management.


  • Fast implementation, process validation, ease of upgrade, and support.
  • Improved patient sample quality and monitoring.
  • Statistical functionality to give early warning of infectious or normal test results deviations.
  • Reduction in costs by improved and accountable laboratory processes.
  • Improved operational efficiency.