Asset Management, Calibration and Preventive Maintenance

Asset Management, Calibration and Preventive Maintenance provides laboratories with the functionality to track and manage their instruments in a regulated environment, as well as to maintain all the associated records for calibration and maintenance.

  • Track and manage calibration and preventive maintenance records for testing instrumentation and equipment in a compliant environment.
  • Support for electronic signature and other key certification requirements.
  • Register equipment, define tests to ensure equipment is within specification.
  • Generate labels and equipment lists for calibration.
  • Control inventory of spare parts used for instrument maintenance.
  • Support for interval, usage and event based calibration.
  • Retain Calibration & Master Standards information.
  • Configurable reporting & query tools for data retrieval and knowledge management.


  • Reduce instrument downtime.
  • Predict and intervene before failures occur.
  • Save costs on spare parts and instrument redundancy.
  • Increase the efficiency of the service group.
  • Ensure all test methods are hospital certification compliant.