Anesthesia Information Management

DIANE,  the new breed of Anesthesia Information Management System. DIANE is a pioneer in anesthesia data management, and has since its inception maintained a leading edge in innovation and service delivery.  DIANE has become the leading solution in the management of anesthesia data.

DIANE Gathers a Complete Medical History

  • Thorough and Accurate.
  • Highlights and Displays Important Information.
  • Patient tracking, in the Case of Multiple Visits for the Same Operation.
  • Easily Edit and Publish Your Documents.

Supervise the Operation and Easily Document all the Events Occurring in the O.R.

Display the Drugs Being Administered.
The drugs can be added easily through the selection menus. An efficient assistant can help you choose and calculate doses depending on drug dosage, syringe-pump infusion rate and patient weight.

Built in Flexibility For Smooth Integration and Total Performance. Critical Connections to Technical Systems.
Efficient and Configurable User Interface.

Manage on a single screen the data captured from all the biomedical equipment (ventilator, monitor, syringe-pumps, TCI systems, capnographs, etc), including the alarms.Log all the events in the patient’s environment (drugs, surgery, consumables, complications, etc.), to create the most accurate operation record.

DIANE is a Client/Server application that  within a single tool will provide Doctors the 5 important functions of an Anesthesia Data Management System.

  • Appointments management
  • Preanesthetic consultation
  • Preoperative visit
  • Intraoperative surveillance
  • Postoperative follow-up