Healthcare Facility Mgmt.

Hygiene and Environmental Monitoring

The Hygiene and Environmental Monitoring application captures, manages and provides reports on all environmental data throughout a health care facility. Automated trending ensures accuracy and immediately alerts users when necessary so that the spread of microorganisms within the facility can be contained.

Clinical Assay Management System

Clinical Monitoring Management facilitates the management and testing of incoming patient samples and other biological samples, and is specifically tailored to the requirements in a certified hospital environment.

Anesthesia Information Management

DIANE is the new breed of Anesthesia Information Management System that gathers a patient’s complete medical history, highlighting and displaying important information throughout a surgical procedure.

Asset Management, Calibration and Preventive Maintenance

Asset Management provides hospitals and institutions with the functionality to track, calibrate, repair and manage their assets, equipment and instruments, thus ensuring that they are well-maintained and readily available when required.

Hospital Efficiency Management

Hospital Efficiency Management is a comprehensive system that controls documents, training records and efficiency control audits, allowing for corrective and preventive measures by providing metrics for various hospital processes.

Hospital Dispensing and Inventory Management

Hospital Dispensing and Inventory Management system is a comprehensive system designed to manage medication and other items in the registry with their corresponding inventory details such as orders, dispensing, quantities on hand, quantities reserved, quantities at each physical location.