Cognistat Assessment System (CAS)

“CAS benefits patients by empowering clinicians!”

Request InformationThe online version of Cognistat automates many aspects of the testing process while maintaining the clinician’s central role throughout the assessment process.  It is available in multiple languages and can be administered at any location around the globe on a PC, Mac, Notebook or iPad.

CAS allows for flexible data storage and ready access to this information. Data from prior evaluations can be directly compared to current findings in order to document either progression of illness or response to treatment.

Data from individual patients can be compared with control groups and reference populations. Group data can be filtered and accumulated according to criteria such as age, gender, and diagnosis. Users at a single site or multiple sites can either isolate data from individual clinicians or pool this information into a single database.

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Why CAS is right for your practice…

  • Runs on a PC, Mac, Notebook or iPad
  • Detects cognitive pathology associated with major medical, neurological and psychiatric illness
  • Indentifies and highlights situational factors that impact test performance
  • Automated scoring and profiling
  • Real-time user guidance…
  • Alerts the clinician to issues of possible concern
  • Offers suggestions for follow-up questions
  • Recommends ways of testing the limits of patients’ responses
  • Suggests additional testing procedures
  • An electronic data storage system…
  • Adheres to HIPPA standards for privacy protection
  • Offers instant comparisons with an extensive database
  • Permits trend analyses

Why CAS works…

CAS succeeds where other automated assessments fail because it respects the doctor-patient relationship.  Without clinician involvement doctor-patient rapport is compromised. CAS is a clinician administered, computer guided cognitive assessment tool.