Ambulance Trauma Mgmt.


  • Ambulance Trauma is a complete software solution that enables hospitals to chart patients and share data in real-time, and easily manage Ambulance Trauma workflow and analyze patient data. Ultimately, Ambulance Trauma helps hospitals realize significant clinical and operational benefits to improve performance and quality. Capture data using a finger touch-screen interface, and make charting quick, accurate, and comprehensive.
  • Ambulance Trauma enables hospitals and staff to see the status of all patients, including real-time information from Ambulance Trauma charting in the field. The Ambulance Trauma workflow management system allows agencies to manage EMS through review and approvals, ultimately replacing the paper trail. With Ambulance Trauma’s pre-built server reports and powerful data analytics package, agencies can research, observe trends, and effect change. Lower your operating costs by buying the system. Get the options you want and tailor the system to fit the needs of your organization.
  • Ambulance Trauma will enable paramedics to capture electronically an expected one million patient records each year.
  • Paramedics can easily be trained on the system.
  • Ambulances are outfitted with docking stations and tablet PCs. Data is entered by tapping the screen, including voice recognition.
  • Paramedic can send patient data in real-time the hospital.
  • This system allows us to capture quickly and accurately far more information than manual on paper charts.
  • The patient data is then instantly available to the emergency department and clinical audit staff.
  • To prepare for arrival of the patient, care and outcomes is improved greatly.
  • The system helps ambulance paramedics complete the broader agenda of improved ambulance care.