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state of the art healthcare solutions

Novatek Medical Data Systems applications improve patient care; enhance healthcare processes, while decreasing costs. As a healthcare solutions provider we bring our expertise to the aid of healthcare professionals allowing them to reduce their paper burden and focus on helping patients.

Our unique portfolio of out-of-the-box, easy to use software systems features specialized modules that help you manage all aspects of your business with less effort and time. Our solutions are process-driven so that implementation time can be up to 75% faster than with other systems, while still allowing you to tailor the software to fit your specific business needs. What’s more, the flexibility of our solutions allows you to purchase only the modules that you need now. As your requirements changes and expands, other modules can be added to provide greater automation with minimal integration and validation.

Understanding Your Business:

Novatek Medical Data Systems differentiates itself in this competitive industry by offering process-based software solutions that do not require extensive customization. Our software meets up to 95% of customer requirements while still allowing the remaining 5% to be tailored to fulfill specific requirements. Our deep industry expertise allows us to design modules that incorporate processes integral to your operations.